The Board

JHLS Board of Trustees

Board meetings are usually held at 4:00 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month, excluding June and December. Meetings are currently held at the Quisenberry Library, but the meeting location is subject to change. Meetings are open to the public. For questions, please call 601-968-5825.

Meeting Minutes

Jackson Hinds Library System Administrative

Board of Trustees 


City of Jackson 

Paul Forster 

City of Jackson Ward 1  

Dionne Nicole Burks 

City of Jackson Ward 2 


City of Jackson Ward 3 

David Burks Jr. (Vice-Chairman) 

City of Jackson Ward 4 


City of Jackson Ward 5 

Sylvia Walker 

City of Jackson Ward 6 

Peyton Smith (Chairman) 

City of Jackson Ward 7 


Hinds County 

Dr. Earline Strickland (Treasurer) 

Hinds County, District 1 

Mary Garner 

Hinds County, District 2 

Addie Green 

Hinds County District 3 

Ortho Cain 

Hinds County, District 4 

Terry Johnson 

Hinds County, District 5 

Attorney Bob Owens 

Hinds County, At-Large  

Graftie McDaniels 

Hinds County, AT-Large 

As of  03/13/24 

Programs will be scheduled soon.
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