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All New Fine-Free Kid's Card

October 31, 2018 | New Library Services

The new Fine-Free Kid's Card, which will be available August 1st at all branches, will allow a parent, guardian, teacher or family friend to sign up any child, aged 5-11, for a library card, as long as the child is a resident of Hinds County. Fine-Free Kid's Card holders can check-out two (2) books for a period of three weeks and will receive a special Fine-Free Kid's Card bag in order to protect the books that they have chosen.

Fine-Free Kid's Card users can choose from traditional easy picture books, early readers, juvenile fiction or juvenile non-fiction books. The card can only be used for the child that is registered, and the child must be present at the library to check out the books. The books can be returned to any library branch, as early as one day after check-out to as long as three months after check-out, and the child will not accrue any overdue fines. If the books are not returned within the three months after the time of check-out, the card will be frozen, and the books declared lost. To reactivate the card, the lost book costs must be paid.

Child can only have one card at a time, either the traditional card with a check-out limit of 25 books or the Fine-Free Kid's Card with a limit of 2 books. The child with a traditional card will accrue overdue fines, but the Fine-Free Kid's Card will not.

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All New Fine-Free Kid

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