Interlibrary Loan Program Procedure


All individuals who have JHLS library cards and are in good standing are eligible for ILL service. Non-residents may check with their local library for this service. Individuals must hold a valid library card before an ILL request is made. Securing an ILL on behalf of another individual is not permitted. The library system affirms the individual’s privacy in regard to their interlibrary loan requests.


It generally takes two weeks for library material to arrive unless the lending library is in Mississippi. Students should consider their deadlines before ordering, or consult with the Interlibrary Loan Manager to estimate delivery time. If material is needed in one week, only in-state library lenders will be used.


The cost of an ILL is free unless the lending library charges a fee or requests a reimbursement for postage. Most large out-of-state academic lenders charge fees. Patrons must authorize a request from a library that charges a fee and give a maximum fee one is willing to pay for the ILL on the request form. Some large public libraries may charge fees as high as $10.


Most lenders allow borrowers to keep library materials at least two weeks. Some lenders restrict JHLS from giving extensions. Extensions or renewals can be requested if the due date has not passed and the lender allows it. It takes a couple of days to get an extension and the material can be kept until the lender responds to the request. Lenders occasionally recall materials and the materials must be returned at once. In such rare cases, attempts will be made to find another copy from a different lender as fast as possible.

Patrons are notified when loaned material has arrived and are asked to pick it up promptly. Books that are not picked up in four days will be considered no longer needed and will be returned to the lender. Schedules should be considered when requesting ILL materials. Material that is not picked up will not be re-ordered without a letter expressing one’s intentions.


Once patrons present their library card and all requirements have been verified, JHLS will identify likely lenders using the information and authorization provided on the ILL request form. Under a one-week deadline, only in-state libraries will be asked. Given a certain time constraint, it may be necessary to pay lending fees to a library closer to JHLS. Lending libraries choose the carrier and generally will not change the carrier to meet a deadline. Rapid delivery rates or carriers are not routinely used by JHLS. In the event of a carrier change, the patron will assume any additional cost.

Requests are sent electronically via a computer network. No more than five likely lenders are chosen. Each lender has up to four days to respond before the network sends the request to the next lender. When a lender accepts the request for shipping the lender changes the status from ‘pending’ to ‘shipped’ and gives a due date along with any restrictions. Library lending is a courtesy and not a contract or a right. JHLS participates in a statewide network and a regional network as well as a consortium of local libraries. JHLS attempts to remain a cooperative, informal partner with all lenders. Being a dependable borrower and lender is important in maintaining these relationships with libraries.

Patrons have a responsibility to help the community and this library enhance the mutual relationship with other libraries by taking good care of the material. It is understood that occasionally materials are damaged or lost in the usual course of business. Patrons are responsible for any damages assessed by the lender.


Patrons are limited to four interlibrary loan requests at any one time.
Recalled material must be returned immediately.
Rare, reference, audiovisual items (videocassettes, audiocassettes, CDs, & DVDs) or college textbooks are not available.

Recently published titles or bestsellers are usually not available.
Genealogical materials are usually not available.
a In some cases lenders may restrict items to in-library use only.

Document Delivery

ILL service includes asking for magazine articles, but only photocopies are provided—not the magazine itself. Charges exist for this service. JHLS charges 20 cents per page as do most other public libraries. Academic libraries may charge a flat fee for the first 20 pages and 20 cents per page thereafter. Even if a library charges a high fee, it is less expensive than a commercial document delivery provider.

Libraries usually can meet a two-week deadline and even fax the article in some cases. Charges are increased for fax delivery in most cases.

Interlibrary Loan Offices

The ILL office for JHLS is located on the first floor of the Eudora Welty Library and office hours are weekdays from 8AM to 5PM. The phone number is 601-968-5805. The ILL Manager will listen to requests and suggest solutions to meet particular needs.


The framework for ILL service is the “National Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States” which is formulated by the Reference and Adult Services Division of the American Library Association.

Other national codes related to ILL procedures are ALA’s “Library Bill of Rights”, “Intellectual Freedom Statement”, “Diversity in Collection Development”, and other documents. Our library relates to other associations or consortia, which have a bearing on ILL such as the Virtual Union Catalog, SOLINET, OCLC, the Central
Mississippi Library Council, and the Mississippi Library Commission.

Manager: Nathan Howe
Phone: (601) 968-5805

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